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Summer seminar in ED Cancelled

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Welcome to

Summer Seminars 2015

RCE- workshop on Learning for Change

Open Space on Sustainability and Interculturality

For one year short of a decade, in the area of Västra Götaland, annual Summer Seminars have taken place. The overarching theme has been “Sustainability and Interculturality”. Most of the events have been held in the small town called Ed. These seminars were also one of the main reasons for the emergence of RCE West Sweden in 2012.


Now we will grasp the opportunity to invite other RCE active people, and others interested in builiding sustainability capacity, in connection with the WEEC in Gothenburg. We will also grasp the opportunity to bridge the gap urban – rural perspective in practice. The congress ends 2 July and the following days you can move from the largest to the smallest municipality in West Sweden and join the seminar in Ed, 80 minutes from Gothenburg by train.

The first two days we will run a “Learning for Change” (L4C)* workshop. The purpose is to extract the most important learning and insights from the experiences of the different RCE projects in order to speed up our collective and global tranformative capacity instead of keeping “re-inventing the wheel”.

We would like to encourage you to prepare yourself by recapitulating and refreshing your memory about a project that you are or have been engaged in, preferrably with connection to an RCE or other sustainability context.

Look especially for successes (things you are proud of) and for things you wish would have gone differently or you might even be disappointed or frustrated about. See also if you can identify any “turning points” in the project.

We hope you will come and strengthen the beauty and importance of the global RCE- network!



Friday 3 July                  

15.00                  Drop in registration and coffee/tea

16.00                  PART 1: L4C workshop

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction


Session 2: Theoretical Basis & Principles for the L4C Method

19.30                  Dinner


Saturday 4 July

09.00                  Session 3: Case Study Presentations


11.00                  Session 4: Feedback – Satisfactions and Dissatisfactions

13.00                  Lunch

14.00                  Session 5: Theory Session – Deep Listening

14.30                  Session 6: Analytical Session – why and how

15.30                  Refreshments

16.00                  Session 7: Theory Session – Diffusion of Innovation

16.30                  Session 8: Synthesis Session – Learning Outcomes

17.30                  Reflections/Massage of the Day

18.00                  Free time exploring the surroundings

19.00                  Dinner

Sauna and a late evening swim in the lake?

Sunday 5 July

09.00                  PART 2 – L4C – Tools and Applications

Session 9: Synergy Method and Meeting

10.30                  Refreshments

11.00                  Session 10: The L4C Method as a Tool for Reviewing a Single Project

12.30                  Lunch

13.30                  Session 11: Networking and Evaluation

15.00                  Session 12: Planning for Follow-up Activities  & Closing

16.00                  Free time to walk around in the surroundings…

OR: volunteering for preparing the dinner

18.00                  Dinner

19.00                  Cultural Event(s)


Monday 6 July

09.00                  PART 3: Introduction to Open Space “Sustainability and Interculturality”

12.00                  Lunch

13.00                  O.S. continues

15.00                  End of O.S.

16.00                  Reflections/ Massage of the Summer Seminar 2015

18.00                  Closing


Facilitators for Part 1 and 2: Marilyn Mehlmann, Global Action Plan (GAP) and Miriam Sannum RCE West Sweden, SV and GAP

Facilitators Part 3: Åse Eliason Bjurström RCE West Sweden and Miriam Sannum. Both events will be managed in collaboration with the adult education organisation “Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan” – SV.


Participation fee

You are free to choose to participate in

Part 1:                                             108 EURO         (1000 SEK)

Part 1 and 2:                                 194 EURO         (1800 SEK)

Part 1, 2 and 3:                            216 EURO         (2000 SEK)

Part 1 and 3:                                 129 EURO         (1200 SEK)

Part 3:                                             22 EURO            (200 SEK) (incl. dinner and cultural evening on Sunday)

The fee includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee/tea.

On Sunday evening and Monday we prepare the food ourselves (voluntary).

There is some possibility to give a discount eg for students.

We kindly ask you to pay your fee in cash upon arrival!

Cost for travel and accommodation is not included.



NSB train from Gothenburg on Friday 3rd (heading for Oslo) dep. at 13.00. You can buy the ticket to Ed on the train (which in this case is the cheapest).  You will arrive in Ed 14.20 where you will be met at the railway station. The workshop location/hotel is nearby. There is also a hostel in walking distance.

Trains depart from Ed to Gothenburg every day at 15.24 and 20.39 (Sa and Mo also at 9.24).

The ticket costs approximately 20 EUR one way


Accommodation – two options

Both options are in walking distance from the seminar locations and the train staition:

Hotel Dalsland

Each apartment has two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and a terrace.

1 night               2 nights             3 nights

An apartment on your own:                               95 EUR               177 EUR             261 EUR

879 SEK              1646 SEK           2419 SEK

An apartment shared by 2 persons:                67 EUR               123 EUR             179 EUR

622 SEK              1142 SEK           1658 SEK

An apartment shared by 3 persons:                56 EUR               103 EUR             149 EUR

521 SEK              952 SEK              1378 SEK

An apartment shared by 4 persons:                54 EUR               98 EUR               143 EUR

498 SEK              913 SEK              1322 SEK

You pay at the hotel, cash or card.


There are 6 rooms and 22 beds, a kitchen and a living room. Sheets and towels are included, but no breakfast. You will share bathrooms and showers.

Shared room (4 – 6 beds):      10 EUR/100 SEK per night

Single room:                                 40 EUR/400 SEK per night

You pay in cash when you arrive.


Registration for the workshops:


E- mail:



RCE (or other organisation):

Participating in Part 1, 2 and/or 3:

Food restrictions:

Wish for accommodation (1st and 2nd choice):

Person(s) you want to share room/apartment with:

Please sent your registration to tel. 0046 (0)708 553 032

latest 10 June!

                                            Looking forward to seeing you – WELCOME!!!


*L4C Approach

The L4C method is developed by Global Action Plan International to improve the sustainability of education and social change projects. The method provides participants with the space to reflect on their own experiences, and to share experiences of managing RCE, ESD and other transformative projects. Through a series of exercises, participants explore different layers related to their own cases and projects, and are encouraged and coached to develop new solutions in co-operation with other practitioners, formulating concrete follow-up plans. The workshop thus lays the basis for a new platform for learning and action.



  • To create conditions for participants to assess and learn from/for their RCE projects (or other sustainability project)
  • To enable participants to experience new approach, tools and models, for planning, designing, managing, implementing and evaluating RCE projects (or similar)
  • To promote exchange and cooperation among the participants, while strengthening the existing RCE network.



Marilyn Mehlmann is head of development and training at Global Action Plan International, a network of organizations working for a common goal: empowering people to live and work increasingly sustainably. She was awarded the Rachel Carson Prize 2011 “… for her long-term efforts to involve individuals, companies and NGOs in acting sustainably.” Her experience combines psychosynthesis, empowerment and action research to co-create new methods and tools for personal and professional development, including a ‘Learning for Change’ methodology.

Ms. Mehlmann is an international speaker (i.a. TEDx), Vice-President of the Union of International Associations (UIA), and a member of several advisory boards.