Welcome to the RCE West Sweden – a polycentric network and a social learning laboratory

A Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) is a network of different stakeholders based on transformative education, research & development, collaboration and governance. Regional Center of Expertise West Sweden (RCE WS) is a polycentric network, which strongly relates to our vision of deep and complex networking to connect actors from all over the region West Sweden (Västra Götaland), Sweden. The different stakeholders in West Sweden had the necessary experiences and perspectives to work on a proposal to become a RCE. The main focus for RCE WS is communicating and networking between previously discrete sections of the community in order to learn from each other and become innovative and action competent. RCE WS strive for a combination of know-how; formal as well as informal, old as well as inventive and new-born, theoretical as well as practical. After a little more than one year after its inauguration RCE WS has successfully undertaken several projects and there is a multitude of upcoming events under the RCE WS umbrella.